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In the early 50s, Stefano started his barbering legacy in a small village known as Vadipordio, Calabria, Italy. Stefano travelled to a place in Italy called Genoa, located in the Northen part of Italy.

In 1962 Stefano migrated to Australia by ship. Stefano worked as a barber in Victoria Street, North Melbourne owned by another fellow Italian. Not long after, the boss unfortunately passed away. Stefano was stuck with no job, so he decided to open up his own Barberia.

In 1964 Stefano's Barberia was opened, right across the road from the famous, bustling, Don Camillo's café. 


Born in Stefano's Barberia.

From sweeping floors to lathering shave soap on gentlemen's faces, Rocco was taught all aspects of traditional Italian barbering by Maestro Stefano from day 1. Rocco's cutting career started in 1982 he and family opened up a salon named 'Verona Salone' in the eastern suburb of Ringwood. 


Along came Troy Milesi in late 2001. Meets Stefano and Rocco and becomes more like family. Troy has been involved in the family business over 15 years. Taught all aspects of traditional Italian barbering by Maestro Stefano.


Grandson of Stefano and son of Rocco. Been sweeping the floors and watching his family of barbers do what they do best since he was born. Joining the team in 2017, learning all traditional Italian barbering techniques by Maestro Rocco and Maestro Troy. Introducing the modern ideas as well.

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